The refinery was designed for processing of low sulphur crude oil, which results in an

excellent quality of the finished products.


In terminal of cargo train



This is the second largest Bulgarian oil refinery

with design processing capacity of 1,100,000 MT



The refinery was acquired out of bankruptcy by

Highway Logistics Center EOOD, presently P.R

of Dididom Ltd, with an objective to revamp

operations and position itself as a significant

regional player in the refining business.




The company has a unique opportunity to become

the leading supplier of petroleum products , Base

and ready oils in Southeast Europe by capitalizing


  Access to cheap raw material – crude oil light

     importe from different producers

  Modernization of existing units to achieve

     optimal product mix while minimizing costs


















Located on a total area of 3,200,000 m² in

the North Central part of Bulgaria

15 km away from the district center town of

Pleven (the 7th largest Bulgarian town) and

150 km North East from the capital Sofia

About 300 km away from the Black Sea

(town of Varna) and 32 km from the

Danube River